Brian Falconer
Colloquially referring to himself as "the village blacksmith", Brian Falconer
has been running his own engineering business since 1985, firstly based in
the small Borders town of Earlston, and latterly at its current location near

An engineer through and through,  as a schoolboy Brian was  fanatical about
motorbikes and all things mechanical. Then he trained as an Agricultural
Engineer prior to gaining a BSc(Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Then after a brief period as a research associate with Vickers Marine
Engineering, he decided that he would not be happy unless he was his own
boss. So, with a little start up money from his former employers, he founded
Brian Falconer Engineering.

Over the next 20 years or so, the engineering business grew slowly, with
most of the custom coming from the local agriculture and forestry industries,
requiring everything from small fabrication jobs and equipment repair, to full-
lifecycle machine design and construction.
As the world moved into the 21st century, Brian  felt that the
business should not be restricted to the purely mechanical aspects
of engineering, and was keen to embrace the relatively new technologies
of computers and electronics. Always hungry for knowledge he taught
himself the rudiments of electronics and computer programming, with
a particular emphasis on interfacing computers to electronic
circuits (control engineering). He now regularly writes software to solve
engineering problems and has made use of microcontrollers in several
recent projects, such as the
electronic control for a crop cover removal
system he is currently developing.
On a personal note, Brian is a family man with two small children so you
are just as likely to find him wheeling the pram “up the road” as in the
workshop. He also finds time to make things around the house such as
the log burning/hot air heating system and sitting room furniture. .

Brian is very optimistic about the future of his style of engineering, and
confident about the future of his own business
. As industry is tending to
employ engineers to perform specific tasks
, the role of the multi-discipline
engineer has become crucial in the development and realisation of new
products. With this in mind we have launched this new web site to make
people aware that this kind of service is still very much alive and geared to
rise to the challenges of the 21st century.

Although still trading as Brian Falconer Engineering, our internet identity
will be Offbeat Engineering: a reflection of the way we operate.