The Offbeat Process - All In-House
Requirements - all projects are undertaken in full co-operation with the customer to
define the requirements. We endeavour to keep the customers involved at all stages to
ensure that the finished product meets their requirements exactly.

Creativity - the most important stage of any product's life cycle is that of conception
and design. We are well placed to commit a wealth of imagination, experience and offbeat
thinking to this process. We do not allow ourselves to be constrained by conventional

Design – to complement the creative process we are able to develop and test these
ideas using our computer programming capability, allowing us to undertake kinematical
and dynamic analysis of mechanisms, or write applications to investigate other properties
of the design. We also use our CAD facility to help the visualisation process and to produce
the required engineering drawings.
Testing - wherever possible we shall test our products in the workshop, even if this entails a
purpose built test rig. However the ultimate test of a machine is in its proper working
environment, thus we place a great deal of emphasis on the commissioning process.

Commissioning – we will not be satisfied until our products have been fully commissioned
and that they fulfil all performance requirements. Part of this process is to ensure that the
operator is fully conversant with all controls, adjustments and maintenance of the machine.   

On-Going Support - despite some of our machines having been in service for 10 years
or more, we still undertake to provide support and maintenance for these. We are happy to
discuss further improvements to our products and value the feedback we receive from the
Electronics - we are able to produce our own electronic and electrical
control systems. This ensures they are optimised to match the machine for
which they were created.

Machine Shop - we have a comprehensive range of machining
facilities, comprising of turning, milling, surface/cylindrical grinding, sawing
and drilling.

Welding and Fabrication - we are able to fabricate in steel,
stainless steel and aluminium, making use of our profile cutting, bending
and MIG/TIG/MMA welding facilities. We also work in other materials such as
copper, brass and lead. Quality of workmanship is paramount, so no crappy
welding here!!